APEL Oil Mist FiltersOil mist filters to collect and separate oil in the mist and eliminates oil mist in your facility

Oil mist can build up on your machines and floors making your workplace slick and dangerous. APEL’s Oil Mist Filters contain and separate the oil mist from dirty particles and air so you can recycle it back into your equipment.

With APEL’s top-rate customer service and expert technical support, we’ll carefully assess your filtration needs and construct a standard or custom filter for you. The results of our labor will be reflected in the efficient performance of your operating systems with high efficiencies and minimum down time.

Oil Mist Filter Specifications:

APEL Absolent ® Oil Mist Final FilterAbsolent® A•Mist Replacement Cassettes

  • Pre-filters, secondary filters, and final filters available for A•Smoke , A•Mist ODF & ODR, Models
  • For filtration of wet/damp particles, deep filtration filters with self-draining capacity



Donaldson ® WSO Oil Mist FilterDonaldson® Style WSO Replacement Filters
Oblong filter shape features:

  • Up to 45% more filter surface area than pocket filters and round cartridges
  • Best fit in rectangular cabinet
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Longer filter life


APEL Oil Mist Final FiltersFinal Filters/HEPA
Final filters provide the highest degree of filtration for the removal of smoke or toxic particulate.

  • Rated 99.97% at .3 microns
  • Mini pleat variety
  • Galvanized frames
  • Cylindrical and Panel Style

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